Saheli Gifted Herself A Solo Trip To Ladakh On Her Birthday!

Saheli Gifted Herself A Solo Trip To Ladakh On Her Birthday!

Being a lover of nature and adventures, Saheli used to dream about seeing Ladakh. The girl describes herself as having a love for the streets.

Ladakh trekking was a sort of dream to her. She decided to get on the trip by herself, she knew it would not be simple. She decided to travel with the site to offer the best route map for the journey. She was fortunate enough to pair up with five other travellers of her age group. This girl could bond with her fellow travel mates such that they surprised her with a birthday gift.

Is It A Dream Or Reality!

Planning the Ladakh trip for a long time, she boarded the train from the Delhi railway station.

Splendid snow-filled mountain vistas along with the window seat were some of the things that made her more excited. The group had reached the railway station at about 9:30 in the morning.

She was greeted by the travel agents, which aided the girl with the check-in process. She made a friend with one of the girls who came from Dubai. Both the girls felt like they had been a part of each other's life for a long time.

The day rolled in, and it went well as they visited the Palace at Leh and the Shanti stupa. They also went to the local market where two other girls joined the team. Her mind was filled with happiness when they assumed that the trip just started. When the group of girls went back to the hotel, the travel agents introduced the gang to other travellers on the trip.

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He made them understand that they need to live as a team, and the suggestion was effectively carried out throughout the journey. As the second day rolled in, the group left for the Indus Zanskar Confluence and the magnetic Hill. The Indus Zanskar is the beautiful place where two streams unite having different colors.  There were four girls and a newly married couple, having the same enthusiasm and intelligence.

It Was A Fun Group To Go With!

The Ladakh adventure turned out to be the best time of her life. As they went back to the hotel, a surprise was waiting for Saheli. It was her birthday and the group was waiting for her with the creamy birthday cake. The girl thinks that it was the most unforgettable celebration in her life and she will bear it in her heart.

The third day of the trip rolled in and it was the most special day for Saheli. The team was preparing for the journey to the Nubra valley. It had snow-covered mountains and the blue sky was adorned with white clouds. Nature seemed to be at her best as a birthday gift. What she loved was the day they went to track Khardung La. Something that followed the journey was a berry on the cake, which was her birthday cake awaiting her on the way.

The four girls enjoyed their camel ride which was like a birthday gift to her. After the ride was over, the group went to the wooden hut. The night was just like her imagination. It was glittery, dreaming yet enchanting.

Saheli writes that the Nubra valley got perfectly decked up to showcase its grace to us. It was soothing yet lively, like a mesmerising painting.

The Group Leaves The Nubra Valley On The Fourth Day!

As day four rolled in, the group left the Nubra valley with a heavy heart. But, what awaited was more gorgeous.

On the journey back to the town of Leh, Saheli was overjoyed with the scenic landscape. She framed some nice shots. The day was spent covering miles and travelling along the mountain roads when the group of travellers reached their last spot.

Pangong Tso was the most beautiful attraction in Leh, it was a dream that came true for the group of four girls.

When everyone got off the auto to get freshened, they experienced snowfall all of a sudden. It was not something for which the group wasn’t ready. The team found it overwhelming enough.

The group experienced the beautiful snowfall towards Pangong Tso, and experienced a chilling countryside view while passing through Chnagla pass.

The trip to Pangong Tso was totally enjoyable. Saheli claimed that the Pangong Tso was amazing, and the journey was no less than an achievement to her.

It was quite a proud moment for Saheli. The atmosphere was a bit breezy and cold, and the backdrop featured the soothing sound of waves. The magical scene of the mountains on all flanks likewise added to the mood.

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On The 6th Day Of The Trip!

The sixth day of the journey rolled in and it was the last day of the trip. On the way back to the city, the group went to the Shey Palace and visited the valley of Ladakh. They took a view from the top for the last time, which was a moment of contentment for the group. They also got a gift as a token of thanksgiving from the group.

The team enjoyed a party throughout the night. Alas, the time came for the group to bid a bye!

The next morning, the team got prepared to set on their way, and Saheli was overjoyed and was thankful for such a mesmerising trip.

The mind of our travellers got filled with relishing and joyful moments of the journey. It had scenic beauties of the valleys, and mountains, and the serene view of the street made her spellbound.

She became proud of herself to be a part of the Ladakh team. She was thankful to make her dream come alive, and could live every moment of it blissfully.

Saheli quotes, “Yes, the six days were the happiest moments of my life. I could spend my birthday the way I dreamt of it. It seemed to be perfect toe to the tip.”

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